Why, hello there. My name is Jenna. I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley and educated (undergrad/grad) in Philly. I am a dreamer, romantic, and overachiever. I am a wife and mama of three. I love to bite off more than I can chew and find a way to swallow it anyway—preferably with a glass of moscato and a smile.

I have always wanted to be an educator. After five amazing years as a full-time high school teacher, a big move and a new baby led me to explore the world of education outside of the classroom. I now work as a freelance writer producing educational content while teaching at a public homeschool program. In my free time, I create resources to help others discover, organize, and share their own family histories through my online blog, The Home Historian. I accept offers for project-based contracts and am available to collaborate on various educational projects, such as lesson plans, curricula, and review guides.