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Hi, I'm Jenna

Ivy League educated teacher and writer





Want to collaborate? I produce high-quality, engaging content for educational publishers, including review guides, assessments, and lessons.



Looking for easy-to-follow, stimulating lesson plans and activities? Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store.



Want to bring excitement for history to your classroom? Bring my “Cultivating Historians” workshop to your school.

do what you love; love what you do.

I believe that everyone has a special skill, a unique perspective to share with the world. I was blessed with the gift of communication. For as far back as I can remember, I have loved writing and sharing stories and information with others. When I was little, I decided that this talent would take me into the world of education, where I could perform, design, create, and inspire. Over the years, I have learned to harness my communication skills to reach larger audiences in a variety of contexts, from the front of a classroom to the text and images on a computer screen. My current work as a freelance writer and head of my family history business The Home Historian allows me to cast a wide net, sharing my knowledge and interests with students around the globe while helping others research their genealogy. I am always looking for new opportunities that combine my love of learning and history with my gifts for content creation. Read on to find out more about my skills and experience.


  • Language: English, Spanish, Italian

  • Technology: GSuite; MS Office Suite; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign; Squarespace; Wordpress

  • Interests: writing, photography, travel, cooking, health, sustainability and, of course, history and genealogy!


  • Continued Education, Pikes Peak Community College and Skillshare 2016—present

    • Ballet, Graphic Design, Photography, Branding

  • M.S. in Education, University of Pennsylvania 2009—2010

    • Secondary Education, Social Studies

  • B.A. in History, Villanova University 2003—2007

    • Concentration in Race and Ethnicity, Honors Program

    • Magna Cum Laude


Freelance Writer


freelance educational content writer

Over the last few years I have expanded my experience in education to include working with clients outside of the traditional classroom. As a freelance writer, I have produced educational materials for individual school districts as well as companies such as Shmoop, APass Education, and Pearson, while designing my own lesson plans and activities for my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. Through my work in this new field I have created content such as Advanced Placement review guides and practice drills, teacher certification exams, and supporting materials for digital textbooks. 

Jenna is a pleasure to work with; I could always rely on her to produce well-researched, high-quality educational material that met the right learning standards. She’s also a quick and efficient writer capable of meeting last-minute deadlines. I appreciated in particular her versatility and responsiveness to feedback when I was working with her; she was very skillful at changing up her writing style to ensure age-appropriateness and alignment with brand identity.
— Eaming Wu, Senior Content Manager, Shmoop

Jenna is a fantastic writer, able to produce quality content on a number of subjects. She's one of the most reliable freelancers I've ever worked with, and her professional attitude and attention to detail have made all of her projects a breeze to edit.

—Brian McGackin, Test Prep Director, Shmoop

Jenna has worked on a wide variety of subjects for social studies over the past few months. She also carries a great attitude and top-notch skills into every project. She has stepped up when there has been a need, taking on extra work when the project required. She's timely, sharp, and a pleasure to work with.

—Stephen Gibson, Director of Humanities Content Development, APass

Click through the following images to get a glimpse of some of my projects:

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Business Owner


founder and owner, The Home Historian

Everyone has a project, title, or experience they are most proud of—for me, this is my role as home historian. What started out as a personal passion evolved into something much bigger. The Home Historian is an online blog and business dedicated to helping women cultivate and preserve their family legacies. I empower women to uncover their own family stories through my research services and my organizational and educational materials.


Classroom Teacher


classroom teacher

I decided to become a teacher when I was five years old. I distinctly remember being captivated by my teacher, Ms. Jaron, upon walking into the colorful kindergarten classroom of my small-town elementary school. I can recall the bright green chalkboard just screaming with potential for new letters, words, and discoveries. Through my decade of experience leading a classroom of learners and designing innovative lesson plans, I have honed my abilities to work with others, think outside the box, and reach students with myriad backgrounds, skills, and interests.

Falcon Homeschool Program, District 49

colorado springs, co


Classroom teacher for four secondary education Social Studies classes: Economics/Civics, Themes in United States History, Themes in Modern World History, and Themes in Early World History. Responsible for

  • engaging students with college-level materials and activities

  • designing curricula and lesson plans

  • collaborating with a team of educators to create a welcoming, inclusive school culture


Jenna's attention to detail when lesson planning is unmatched. Her concern for student progress along with expecting quality results from all students has been a joy to witness. She is truly a professional.

—Kim Fajardo, lead teacher and instructional coach

Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood Public Schools

ridgewood, nj


Tenured classroom teacher for five secondary education Social Studies classes: United States History II, Modern World History, and Honors Sociology. Responsible for

  • engaging students with dynamic lesson plans and teaching strategies

  • writing standards-aligned curricula

  • collaborating with other educators to create meaningful lessons and teaching practice

  • advising several student activities: Teen LEADS program, Junior State, Ultimate Frisbee, Global Classroom, and Cultural Club


A hallmark of Ms. Tait's professional persona was her meticulous preparation and attention to detail in her lesson design.

—Mark Ferreri, Department Supervisor

Sayre High School, School District of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA


Student teacher for three secondary education Social Studies classes: Economics and Civics. Responsible for

  • engaging students with dynamic lesson plans and teaching strategies

  • contributing actively to the planning and teaching of AP United States History

  • meeting regularly with cooperating and supervising teachers


She expressed her excitement about every topic we covered and made sure students understood its direct relevance to their lives.

—Theresa Eck, Cooperating Teacher

Methuen High School, Methuen Public Schools

methuen, ma


Classroom teacher for five secondary education Social Studies classes: United States History II and Modern World History. Responsible for

  • engaging students with dynamic lesson plans and teaching strategies

  • supervising Debate Club


I was very impressed by her initiative and her consistent effort to incorporate many opportunities for different kinds of learners to embrace learning and to excel.

—Michael Downs, Vice Principal